I am the editor of Andrew Loog Oldham's autobiography "Stoned" and I have recently started an official Facebook page for him with Andrew's approval and input. Lot of links, photos, audio etc that is Stones and Immediate related. Anyone can access the page even if they don't have a Facebook account.

Please visit and "like" it if you feel so inclined. You may also post relevant links, photos, etc. although I will be moderating the page to keep things positive.

Also in the news, Andrew has a new ebook out that "remixes" and updates his first two books, "Stoned" and "2Stoned" which are not widely available right now.

You can find links to online retailers here.

Later this year, Andrew will be releasing The Andrew Loog Oldham Orchestra Rolling Stones Songbook Volume Two as a double CD/digital download. One disc will be instrumentals and the other vocals. Release dates and availability will be announced on the Facebook page.

Ron Ross