1. Jumping Jack Flash (9:25)
2. Let's Spend The Night Together
3. It's Only Rock 'n' Roll
4. Oh No, Not You Again
5. Sway!!!!
6. Worried About You!! "Awesome, awesome, awesome! They are on FIRE tonight!" <---Fred
7. Tumbling Dice
8. Midnight Rambler
9. Nighttime (Is the Right Time)
10. This Place Is Empty <---Keef "Good to be back so quick"
11. Happy
12. Miss You
13. Rough Justice
14. Get Off My Cloud
15. Honky Tonk Women
16. Sympathy For The Devil
17. Start Me Up
18. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
19. You Can't Always Get What You Want - Mick had a dollar bill stuck in his pants...Charlie laughed at him when he saw it. (Carol wants to know who got the lap dance from Mick!)
20. Brown Sugar

SHIDOOBEEans in attendance -103
Jumping Jack
Tippie toe
Fred Hardin
Terri Hardin
Sweet Virginia +1
Stonessissippi + 1
Phil Stoned +1 (is the +1 Mr. Jagger?)
Thorone + 1
rstones2550 +1
Black and Blue Mach 1 +1
urmedicine +3
MSstonesKat +1
Blue Lena
Ahhyeah +3
keefj200 +1
sbtstone +3
Stones Roll 69
High Rocks +3
Gail T +1
stonesgirl89 + 1
Honkytonkwoman !
breaking glass +1
so so cold
Jah Is Not Dead
Coolbeans and Hotbeans
Brother Garrett
stonesgirl89 + 1
VirginiaInExile + 1.
crossfire hurricane +1
MonkeyOnYourBack +3
Mary694 +2
room1009 +1

This was my 17th show I believe since 1975. And I think it was the best. Not because it's the most recent but because the band was just so together and on fire tonight. The last Atlanta show was kind of a letdown for me but this more than made up for it. Everybody was laughing and they just looked like they were having so much fun. Keith was into it as was Ronnie. Jagger was truly in rare form. It gave me chills to look around the arena and see everyone standing and dancing - from the floor to the rafters. And I saw a lot of younger fans - from what looked like an 8 year old to teenagers really getting into it which was heartening. Like all Stones concerts, it was over much too quickly. And already I'm trying to figure out how I can get to a European show.
My thanks to Gail for the incredible seats. You did it Gail and I will always be grateful! It was great seeing Jumping Jack and his wife, SweetVirginia, PhilStoned and meeting Gimmelildrink and Jaggerfn1 for the first time.
(One thing though - if anyone saw Lost tonight, could you pm tme the details? Forgot to tape and it's another one of my addictions.)
Let's start with the pre-party at Jocks-n-Jills. Had a blast again. Doug's brother Greg bought my extra tickets when I first got there, and within an hour or so he and I had both won pairs of tickets from DaveFM who was the host of the party. Greg was able to sell his tickets, and I gave mine to some deserving Shidoobeeans. I won my pair by doing the best Mick imitation out of a group of 8 or so folks. Of course, having the Mick mask helped. It was good to see everybody again though - SweetVirginia1, Fred and Terri, Jumping Jack, Karlie, Gail T, Sheila, TJ, Thorone, StonedForever, GimmeLilDrink, Greg, Kyle and his dad, KentuckyDerbyDay, Casey and so many others. On to the show and what a show!!! I was on the floor adjacent to the B-stage on Keith's side this time, and it was absolutely fricking beautiful!! Everything sounded great tonight. Mick was having fun throughout the show, and everyone seemed in good spirits!! Jumping Jack Flash started the show off with a bang, and the boys stayed hot throughout the show. Before they started into Sway, Mick said something like, "We're going to do one we haven't done very often - I'm sure it's just going to be perfect!" I knew at the point that it had to be Sway. To me, it sounded a good bit better than Columbus (or at least the recording), but I think they got a little lost halfway through the song. Not very noticeable, and they finished it very nicely. When they brought out the keyboard to center stage afterwards, I was thinking Memory Motel, which I've seen a few times, but then they went into Worried About You, and I was just screaming in excitement. Mick was really having fun with it, and being very wild with the "BA-AABY"s. I really would like to listen to a boot of this version of the song, as Mick was just letting loose at the top of his lungs, and then he kind of got the band to break it down toward the end. Other highlights were Midnight Rambler which smoked, as well as Night Time where Lisa strutted her stuff. Even hotter than when I saw them do this in Charlotte. Keef sounded great on his two tunes, but at that point I was a little distracted because we were all getting in place for the B-stage. When they moved out there, I was 5 feet from Jagger and Keef at times, and I can't explain how exciting that was. Watching them do Rough Justice and Get Off Of My Cloud a few feet away was incredible. At the end of GOOMC, I put my Mick mask on and danced right there at the B-stage, but not a one of them ever saw me that I could tell. I debated about whether to do this, because I wouldn't want Mick to think I was making fun of him, but in the end, I figured that they would all just get a kick out of it. However, backtracking a little bit, one of the Stones crew came up to me earlier in the show, and I was wearing my Shidoobee shirt. He said something to me, and I thought he was trying to shake my hand, but I reached out, he handed me not one, but three Stones guitar picks!!!! Yes!! It pays to be a Shidoobeean!! Then later when he saw me wearing the Mick mask, and after the B-stage retracted he came up to me and asked me if I could let him have the mask. I told him sorry at first, then he pleaded, saying I am Keith's assistant, and I want to give it to him, so that he can surprise Mick with it tomorrow. He showed me his badge - Tony Russell, assistant to Keith Richards. At the point, I decided it might be to my advantage to make a connection with him, so I gave him the mask, along with my business card, saying I hoped he could hook me up in the future. Who knows if anything will ever happen, but I figured what the hell! I can get another for $25, and since he had already given me the picks, I thought it was an even trade even if nothing else comes of it. After Honk Tonk, the remainder of the show was great as usual! What an awesome night! I still can't believe I got that close, plus I saw Sway in only its 3rd performance ever!! Thank you, boys!!
What a great evening, and it certainly was great seeing so many happy Shidoobeeans again!!! I wont start listing you all so I dont forget anyone, a simple thanks for all the greetings!!!

We started the afternoon visiting Ronnies art exhibit at the Woodruff Art Center. They had about 40 pieces. Klimart was the sponsor, the same folks that did the exhibit in Montreal. They had the last one of several pieces and the prices have once again gone up from Vegas! Bumped into IGTBA and Operations there and enjoyed the experience.

The pre-party was a gas, gas, gas. Shidoobee karma was in full force. So who won a ticket upgrade? Greg Potash, Dougs brother!!! A ticket contest was also held for the best Jagger impression. Although there were many good efforts, Phil with his mask makes this a no contest. Phil does Mick better than Johnny Depp does Keith!!!

The official upgrades were sweet, but the unofficial upgrades were even better! Fred and Teri Hardin helped many Shidoobeans get into the 4th row with his 5/9. IGTBA had also volunteered help. Thanks again guys, you are the best! Anyway, a plan was hatched in the pre-party to help Karliemarie join us in the 4th row, Ronnies side. About 5 mins before show time with a little ticket swapping she was in the comfy confines of our group of 12 Shidoobs. The Madame, Jaggerfan1, Stonesissippi and his wife were behind us, and Chelsealady was in the front row in front of us. With Chelsealady standing on the rail my lovely wife Tippytoe decided to take one for the team and make a little more room in our row. Tippytoe did just that with a move that would make even Exile Mark green with envy, and tippytoed up next to Chelsealady and the front row rail.

Chipman was sitting next to me and I told him to watch this, she will charm the security guards, not only stay there, but ask for pics in the process. Thats exactly what happened. She ended up with pics and the printed set list and plenty of extended flirting with Mick and Keith, with lots of thanks and kisses thrown to Chuck for the exceptional set list!!! I will let her tell the stories from her vantage point!

The best story of the night belongs to VoodooAllie. I dont want to steal her thunder, but the short version is as follows. Many know she was evacuated in the aftermath of Katrina and stayed in Atlanta for a while. Her friends have a son that she very much wanted to take to the October show, but it did not work out. This time was different, and she had the 2 seats next to the walkway, front row, Keefs side, the best in the house. Anyway, near the end of the show Lord Richards hops down off the stage and walks up to the young man and hands him a pic. Unfreaking believable!!! Talk about being greeted, the young lad was greeted by the man himself in front of 20,000, a memory of a lifetime. Yes Mr. L., the house was packed and rocking big time.


As for the show, it was among the best shows I have ever seen going back to 1975! The sound was exceptional and the boys were too. Mick sounded great and Ronnie was playing as well as I have ever seen him play. He was absolutely on fire and just killing every song. Keef was having a great night as well until the encore with Brown Sugar. Once again he blew the intro to Brown Sugar. Blew is not the right term, perhaps butchered is better because the song just stopped and he stood there crouched over just hanging his arms and head before starting over. Humiliated!!!! I am starting to wonder if he isnt doing this on purpose just to jack Mick around a bit? They recovered, but after a near perfect show, I guess something had to happen. I will let Wendy describe what she saw later in the song, but while Keith was having fun with our ladies up front, Mick had some kind words for him, LOL! Ill bet Keef had fun with Phils Jagger mask after the show. Ask for some front row seats Phil.

The lack of any CDs from the October show were clearly a black mark on Atlanta and we were humiliated!!! Rest assured, amends will be made this time around. The gallant (wwwsouls perfect description) Drake Hatfield was in the house. If you want to hear Sway, just find out which shows Drake is going to, or better yet, buy the man a ticket!!! He was given his props in the pre-party, and greeted like a Pittsburgh Steeler, hero to all who love bootlegs! Assuming he was not seriously impaired by the whiskey sours, and assuming nothing went wrong with the recording process, we should soon have an excellent boot of the show. Thank you Drake, we all appreciate your efforts!

I am a bit tired and dont know what else to say. Tippytoe finally got an excellent version of Rambler, and despite the security, I managed to get back to the B-stage right behind the Madame so she didnt have to look over my tall head and enjoyed that set. Keef seemed to spend most of his time on Ronnies side and they were clearly loving every minute. Lots of Shidoobee thanks were given by Chuck. Someone threw a stuffed white teddy bear with a red Valentines Day heart up to Mick who put it on Charlies drums between songs. He seemed to get a real kick out of it. Speaking of Charlie, Chipman got his drumstick. I was watching the confetti coming down, when Charlies drumstick hit the chair in front of me. I should have been paying more attention because it would have been mine, but I am glad it went to a worthy Shidoobeans.

Thats all for now, I need another cup of coffee. Perhaps more later when I wake up.

ps, anyone that complains about the way Ronnie or Keith are playing this tour can just kiss my behind. They were absolutely on their game last night playing as well as ever. I enjoyed every minute! A++ to Mick, Keith, Charlie, Daryl, Chuck and the lovely Lisa. Thank you for another great evening. See you in Radio City if not sooner!!!

I just wanted to add to the great review by JJ. What can you say about the greatest night of your life!!! (Second only to when I married JJ). The pre-party @ J & Js was fantastic, and soooo many fun Shidoobs, don't want to offend by leaving anyone out, but just know that you are all very dear to me. JJ & I decided to split-up on going into Phillips so as to not be too obvious when smuggling in our signs and cameras. Met some great folks in line, and then breezed thru security. Telling the guy how cute he was probably helped that he didnt wand me or my camera down the pants!! Im in, and running to portal #6 which will take me to the floor seats, and more waiting Shidoobs. Got to the 4th row, and met up with our ShidoobeeVirgin Large Lingerie (aka Geri), who turned out to be the sweetest lady, and believe it or not lived on the same street and apt complex as we did outside SF. Thanks so much to Sweet Virginia for my Shidoobee blue wrist band. Guess Im official now!! LOL

More Shidoobee Karma was coming, when I saw Chelsea Lady standing in the front row 3 rows ahead of us & JJ says, go say hello, maybe she will let you stay up there. Not being pushy I said no, but when Karlie Marie came down to our row, we really needed the extra room for her, so I figured it was ok. Well where to begin. Besides being so close to our boys that you could just grab them. They really seemed to enjoy Chelsea Lady & I screaming yelling, throwing kisses etc. When they started playing Sway, I bowed to Chuck yelled thank-you, thank-you, and his seeing the Shidoobee Green Shirt, yelled back, youre welcome. But it gets better. Mick actually looked @ Chelsea and I about 10 times (swoon), and when Ronnie saw , my green shirt, got a huge smile on his face, and then shot a pick @ me which fell right @ my feet. But Ive saved the best for last. Keith (my hero) was so on last night, and when he came over to Ronnies side I just started throwing kisses to him, and when he saw me, he put his fist up to his cheek, and yelled thanks darling (maybe someone can tell me what the fist to cheek thing means??) Well I almost lost it right there. Then he played for our side for what seemed like 5 minutes, but I know it was really 1. The funniest thing about it was that he had just screwed up Brown Sugar, and looked @ me and said That SOB (meaning Mick), hes trying to F..Me up. I hate when he does that!! Then Mick when over & hit him on the back, as if to say. what the hell where you playing, but in a playful way. It was so great seeing the two of them having so much fun together.

Besides all the attention Chelsea and I got from our boys, the highlight of the night for me was getting to hear and see Rambler from the FRONT ROW!!!!! All I can say is that I can die happy now!! LOL This was my 5th show and first time they played my favorite song, but seeing it from the Front RowPRICELESS. I will forever be indebted to Chelsea Lady for her kindness on allowing me to stand with her for the entire show, but we had sooooo much fun, and I hope I protected her from the crazy drunk guy next to her!! LOL Getting an official set list @ the end of the show really was just the icing on the cake! Cant wait to get my front row pix back!!

I will close by saying that I want to thank Doug for his wonderful website, and allowing JJ & I to meet so many wonderful friends. Ive been to so many RS concerts over the past 40+ years, but enjoying them with all our great Shidoobee friends, makes it so much sweeter. If I dont get to attend another concert this tour, I know that I have had the greatest time of my life and I owe it to YALL!!!!! God bless each and every one of you.


Virginia in Exile
Wow! I won't add a lot because there are such good posts already. We were in the 5th row on Ronnie's side, adjacent to the catwalk, which kind of says it all. I've never been so close (besides a couple of B-stage forays) and it was so incredible!! I can't remember everyone we met at the awesome pre-party, but I have to especially mention Jumping Jack and Wendy, Fred and Terri, Karlie (who we met in Omaha), and Pam. Our seats were right behind IGTBA, a fellow Denverite, and next to GimmeLilDrink. We did make it to the rail at the side of the B-stage, and Mick brushed two of my fingers as he was slapping hands. He seemed like he was having a great time all night, except when some jerk almost nailed him in the head, throwing a cap at him at the B-stage. Keith, Ronnie, and Charlie were hot, and Chuck was enjoying the home crowd. I almost can't pick out a highlight since it was all so amazing, but I will mention Worried About You, because as soon as I saw the piano coming out, I just knew what it would be. After the show, I just had the biggest grin on my face for hours - in fact, it's still there!
Reflecting on Mick's knees

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 02/09/2006

They're enough, as their famous "Start Me Up" song goes, to make a grown man cry. Or at least to inspire anyone who grew up with their songs.

The Rolling Stones are just flat remarkable. All of them. I'm 58 and a little overweight and lacking in stamina, but Mick Jagger and his group are all older, and they skipped, danced, sprinted, and tiptoed across the Philips Arena stage like the best ballerinas Wednesday night. And they didn't stop. For nearly two hours. It's no wonder that there's not a shred of fat on Jagger or his mates. The concert started an hour late, so by the time it began, 20,000 or so folks in the sellout crowd were ready to rumble. And they did. Nobody sat down until Jagger and the rest finished with another classic, Brown Sugar, which they performed as an encore. What's remarkable is that not a one seemed to tire, but rather appeared to become reinvigorated with each new round of applause. Applause isn't an adequate word. The reaction of the crowd was one of joy. Almost ecstasy. To every song.
People screamed, shouted, some dabbed their eyes. Gray guys my age or older were waving their arms and singing after the first hour. I've listened to the Stones for 40 years. More, actually. I listen to their songs every day now but don't know the names of many of the hits, let alone the lyrics. After all, Jagger has quite a British accent. But no matter. The tunes were familiar and took me, and likely other aging boomers, back in time. I could even remember the name of the girl I was with the first time I heard "Satisfaction" when Jagger began yelping out that old hit. (That's what we called our dates in the '60s girls.) I called my wife and grown sons, holding the cellphone in the air so they might hear some of the music. I don't know yet if they did, but at least, I tried.
I write news stories for a living and I'm no music critic. I like Beethoven and Mozart but can't tell one's music from the others, despite my music appreciation classes in college. But the Stones are unique. They can never be confused with any other group. It was a fortunate accident that allowed me to get to the concert, and to have a great seat. And though I'm not a critic, I know what I like, and I like the Stones. They're an inspiration to the aging baby boomer generation that grew up with all their hits. And who still rock and roll to their hits at least in our minds.
Back in SF and totally zonked from all the time change stuff. But I did have a Bloody Mary as soon as possible on the plane since it was then 7:15 AM California time...

But! I don't know what to say about you guys! ALL of YOU! You're just so incredible, incredibly warm, and just...fantastic. Talk about KARMA! What the HELL did I do in this life to get a seat in the 4th Row? I'm evil, nasty, but otherwise pretty nice, BUT....!! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN TO ME?? FRED? TERRI? How did this happen????? I totally believe in that Karma shit, like My Name is Earl! "When I die I'll go to heaven, 'cause I did my time in hell..."

I can only admit it to "you guys," but the Stones are as close to religion as I'll ever have. Keith, oh Keith!

I 100% understand about those gillions of people who want an audience with the Pope, or even just want to be within a mile of Him!

Here, of course, is the problem. You know what the problem is! I need more. I need more now. I can not imagine ever sitting further away ever again. I don't care how much it will cost either. I'll take out a home equity loan (only kidding). My parents live right near the Sunrise arena. Las Vegas is close! How about that dang LA Forum?!!!!

I'm sure you can empathize, coming back to reality (and the kiddies and pets,) is very tough. I'm trying to hold on to that feeling, but ....

My memory of all of it is a blur. I'm amazed at how so many people can remember the details. I can hardly remember the songs! I DID notice that there was something very special in the mood of the show and the (excuse me!) vibes coming from the stage. Maybe it was the proximity, but this WAS very different than the other shows I've seen. Something just FELT different. Two of those playlists practically landed on my lap, and I thought they were just rolled up pieces of trash! Well, I WAS gobbed by Sid Vicious at Max's Kansas City, so I kinda expect anything from the stage coming in my direction to be something to duck and cover from!!

Yeah, I'm the one who writes too much. I wish I had taken my own name, Jari, instead of my friggin' ebay name (largelingerie) on here. Any way to change that?

You guys. You guys are just the very best. JJ and Tippytoe (sp?) -- too incredible for words.

I didn't barf, or faint, but I DID sacrifice my favority Oscar the Grouch undies and they did make it onto the stage as it was rolling along.


Thanks to everyone for the great time in Atlanta - thanks Sweet Virginia for reserving a table for me and Karlie by the bar!! It was a wonderful pre-party and I'm so jealous (but happy) for Karlie getting a great show. I was telling her about my experience with the sit down people - I was in 204 C with Virginia's daughters and almost everyone else was sitting down. I was up jumping around - the poor guy behind me was one of the few who was also up. I kept wondering why the guy next to me seemed to be pressing his leg against mine when I was up and moving. I thought he was going to tell me to sit down --- I can't believe it but he was asleep!!!!!(or passed out). How could he let that happen??? Karlie was right - I should have taken a picture of him to post! I had a great time - but next time I'm on the floor with ya'll.
It was great to meet Greg (Doug's brother) - they look a lot alike. Thanks to Phil for the great pictures - you can always get another mask - but you got a great story this time! Thanks to Virginia for her hard work!! It was great to put some names and faces together (even though I was there in October) - good to meet you Fred, JJ, Pam, Phil - and too many more to count! I hope we can all get together again soon! I can't wait to see the bootleg - then I'll feel like I was in the middle of the action!! Take care to all!

Stones mania raged at Philips Arena in Atlanta Wednesday night. I was at the rail on Ronnie's side, with Tippie Toe beside me, as we battled mightily to protect our hallowed spots in rock 'n roll heaven. From Keith's first power chords until the last bow was taken, there was something uniquely special in the air. As we fought the turf wars, amongst those blessed with front row seats, all of us were mesmerized and thrilled to the bone. No corporate types tainted our ranks with casual ho-hum indifference. Oh, no. We were all dyed-in-the-wool, love mad Rolling Stones devotees, who were dancing with abandon, singing along fervently and savoring every moment of rock 'n roll bliss. Memories are made of this.

Before the lights went down, there had been faint rumblings to the rear and requests that we sit down throughout the concert, requests that Tippie Toe and I felt were quite absurd. But from the moment the first note was played, those behind us sprang to their feet and remained standing and dancing all night.

Immediately Keith came swirling across the stage near us, his black eyes darting, and punctuated one quick turn with an electrifying smile that he flashed straight at me. Really! That pierced me to the core. All of you who have experienced such a moment know exactly what I am talking about. But that moment was only a foretaste of things to come, as Tippie Toe and I enjoyed a fan's feast of delights----smiles, winks, smirks, grimaces and gestures of recognition, from Keith, Mick and Ronnie. Mostly it was just plain fun and it all reminded me of how the Stones' interaction with their fans elevates them and sets them apart from most of the aloof and self-absorbed rockers on the scene today.

There was a prevailing mood of fun and frivolity and the feeling that anything could happen. Anything at all, for the Stones were onstage and were enjoying every minute of it. The lads were feeling relaxed, were flowing together as a unit and their joy spilled over into the audience. They were particularly generous to the fans and Tippie Toe and I felt especially blessed. I must say, they were flirting like they were twenty again and so were we. They rocked and we rocked and the whole place rocked, all the way to the nose bleeds.

Keith was not alone in his frolicking good nature either, because Mick, who is always masterful in his performance, seemed very relaxed, and to be in an especially mischievous mood. Early on, he pranced into Ronnie land, raised his shirt provocatively and flashed his fabulous abs, eliciting squeals of delight from below. That teasing gesture said it all, for no trace of Sir Mick, the posh and dignified gentleman of Richmond Hill, was in evidence; he must have left that persona back in Buckhead, for here he was again what he has always been, the best bad boy rock ever had, evoking memories of a rebellious and brash upstart from the Street Fighting Man days, who was also the ultimate sex symbol of his day, the guy who sang The Spider and the Fly, like he had lived it, and yet, in beautiful juxtaposition, he was also the romantic Lord Byron of Wild Horses, the poetic soul who had loved and lost and understood the blues. All that was true at once on Wednesday night, and Mick was in his essence, at his most excellent best, and was drinking in the love of the spellbound crowd. If "childhood living" was easy to do for Mick and Keith, then "Rough Justice" had hit them in the face a time or two also in the last forty years, something that most of us understood all too well. Yet through it all, the music endured and saw them and us through together and into a brand new century. So that was how it felt to me that night and why it all meant so much.

Beyond the personalities and the charisma, of course, the music was the thing. The music was raunchy and even ragged at times that night, as only the Stones can deliver it, for they are nothing if not raw and spontaneous. The highlights for me were Sway, which I had never heard live, and Worried About You, of course. Bay-bee! What a magical performance. Tippie Toe and I thanked Mick profusely afterward and I think he heard us. Before the show, Tippie Toe had said she wanted to hear Midnight Rambler and when she said it, I felt a chill go through me. "It could happen," I told her, and when it did, she was ecstatic. Together, when the time came, we sang out "tippie toe" with Mick. Afterward, she said she could die happy now.

I think everyone was happy that night. And Keith's rendition of Happy seemed especially inspired, because he did seem happy indeed and he showed it all night with his gleaming eyes and his easy smiles. Ronnie was friendly as always and pitched his picks our way, with one delivered straight to Tippie Toe, who joyfully received it. At one point, when the tempo of Brown Sugar seemed especially choppy and disjointed, Keith looked down at us, as if to explain, and said something like "That son-of-a-bitch is fucking with me. I hate it when he does that." Then he grimaced darkly and pretended annoyance, before grinning and breaking into laughter. Sure, Keith. We know it was all Mick's fault. Uh-huh.

Finally, when the streamers came down and the shouting was over, it had all gone down even better than I hoped it would. Nothing had gone right for me that day, my flight had been delayed and I had arrived at the pre-party late and feeling nauseous. I didn't get to visit with the Shidoobees like I wished to do. But with the first note of JJF, all that was washed away and forgotten. It was the finest night of all my Rock and Roll experiences, the ultimate Rolling Stones high. I had been that close a few times before, had been even closer at Utrecht, but no concert was ever this much fun.

Thanks to the awesome Jumping Jack, who is the world's greatest host and an all-around sweet guy, who started the wheels in motion for me that night. And to Tippie Toe, who made the whole experience so much fun. Wendy, you are my special good luck charm, and sharing the evening with you doubled the pleasure. Well, that's what it's all about, isn't it? That's why Doug started the Shidoobees. And you were there, dear Doug, in spirit. Thanks for all you have done and continue to do for us. You made it all possible for us to commune and share out love of the Stones with such great friends.

Okay, I know I am gushing now. But the glow is still with me.Yes! I am still smiling, two days later. At the best moments of the concert, I must admit that I thought of OldKR and ExileMark and knew that they had known those special moments too. And Maggie, dear Maggie, how I wished you were there. And I thought of Tyedyelady too, standing on the bridge in Amsterdam. Once you are a Shidoobee, you are never alone in your Stones experiences, and sharing them with friends enriches those special times.

Finally, exhausted and spent, we exited the arena in grinning silence, for two hours of enjoying an orgasmic rock 'n roll fantasy drains you physically but leaves you feeling soulful and rejuvenated. And, of course, wanting more. We may all sing the words "it's only rock 'n roll" but we really know it's much, much more than that. Thanks to Doug, all the Shidoobees, the lads themselves and the rock 'n roll gods for blessing me with such a wonderful night. It was sublime.
Fred Hardin
I finally have a little time to devote some thoughts to writing a short review of Atlanta 2/06.
I am so glad they did a Second Atlanta show. The one in October was not that great for me. Most of this had to do with being so damn far away. We were up in the 3rd level good view but way too far away. I watched them pretty intensely and just did not get the feeling that they were really into it. I enjoyed the concert of course but it did not move me like I know they can.
Atlanta 2 was a whole different story. First off we had Fantastic 4th row seats on Ronnie's side 5 & 6 in from the catwalk. That right there was going make it a lot better concert. From the first few seconds of seeing Keith Literally charge the stage with the opening cords of JJF and kneeling down toward the crowd on his side, I knew he was ready for it and into it! It only took a few minutes to see how great the interaction amongst the band members were. They were getting along great and all appeared to be in a very good mood. So many have written about how Fantastic this show was. I agree with every bit of it. What an amazing and awesome show. This was the closest Teri & I have been to them together. At Vredenburg, The Dutch Cub Show I was about 6 feet from them and that was my Ultimate Rolling Stones Experience. This show in Atlanta I am rating as my top performance by them. It is hard to choose favorites between the two. My high spots like most people were Sway and Worried About You. When they were bringing out Mick's Keyboard was telling Tongue Lady whom I had met at Vredenburg & was calling the set list into for this show, that it reminded me of Vredenbug and that I was hoping it would be "W A Y." As soon as It began I was shot up to a whole new level. Sway had just preceded it so it extended the awesome feelings and took them to a new level. Those two right there were incredible and did it for me. I was right back at the place we all love to be! They have done it to me again, They have not lost their touch! The magic is still Strong! If this ends up being our last Stones show we will have ended at the top of our shows with them!
I wanted to try to get one of my Lime Green Shidoobee Crew Atlanta PreParty Koozie to Ronnie. I tossed it up to him as they were moving to the B-Stage. It bounced off his leg and I have no idea were it went from there. I had a short letter and some information about the death of one of the most amazing singer song writer ever, Jerry Lynn Williams. I knew he and Keith knew him. Jerry used to have a great shot posted on his web site of him Ronnie and Keith back stage at one of the Stones shows. SweetVirginia1 added a Shidoobee wrist band to the Koozie. I can only hope that somehow it gets to him but I am not holding my breath.
The entire Atlanta2 Shidoobee Stones trip was great! We met so many more great Shidoobees and fans! As always it was a Great Party. I want to thank Doug & OldKR for their devotion to keeping this great community of fans going. I want to add this experience to the post. I left the party to shoot up to my room for a couple of my beers. I only like to drink a German beer called Warsteiner. I drink about 5 or 6 of these & I am set. Well, on my first trip to the room I was coming down the elevator and a guy got in. He saw my badge hanging on me and asked what it was for. My badge was turned around backwards and as I started to turn it around he said Shidoobee? I said yes and then he saw my name and said Fred Hardin.. Savannah Georgia? I said "yes." He said I read your post all the time! He said "I am not a member of Shidoobee but I have been a lurker for a long time." I have meet several people in this fashion including Tongue Lady in Utrecht Holland and Hand On The Heat in Charlotte. I want to thank Doug & OldKR for helping me make these instant friends. It is so good to be in a fan club that has so much friendship & love!
You are all wonderful people

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