With Bob Drummond, I was involved in promoting some events surrounding the Stones visit to the UK in August 2006.

You may recall the website: Stones Fans UK 2006

All events were free or designed to cover costs except a Boat Trip on the Thames which we hoped would raise money. We said a local UK charity would benefit from any extra monies. I made a little announcement at the beginning of the boat trip that one great Stones fan was missing from the European tour and that was Nikki Sudden who died in March 2006 in New York City after playing a gig. Any extra, above costs would be donated to the British Heart Foundation. I am pleased to say today that 575 GBP was donated to the British Heart Foundation. I have forwarded a receipt for this donation to Nikki's parents and solicitor.

Please check out Nikki's website, learn about his very impressive recent works 'Treasure Island' (featuring Mick Taylor and Ian McLagan, amongst others) and 'The Truth Doesn't Matter' - just released. Then delve back into his huge archives and impressive collaborations.



Have a look at some photos from the boat trip. I am sure that if you attended the trip (some pulled out but still donated) you will be pleased of the contribution you made to Nikki's parents chosen charity.

London Boat Trip Photos